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The Mediation Process Longwick

Mediation often helps people sort out matters that arise when a relationship is on the rocks.

Our professional mediation service Longwick​

The mediation process

We offer you the chance to book your assessment separately. A mediator will then contact your ex-spouse -after the assessment is complete, mediator arranges a meeting
You both attend mediation meeting (you can choose sole or shuttle mediation format)

As soon as mediation is finished, the mediator presents the both of you with some documents to sign and pass to your solicitor.

Who uses mediation services?

Business- complaints, and disputes develop in the workplace. When conflicts occur, mediation is a low-risk option. Any business dispute can be mediated, including director/partner disputes, employee disputes.
Grandparents- family members faced with the challenges of an ageing family member on matters such as communication and differences of opinion concerning caregiving can use mediation to resolve their differences.

Family Conflicts

Conflicts often arise when there is a significant change in the family. These changes are often very stressful, but mediation can help ease the friction and restore communication within the family.
Couples- mediation can help parents discuss important issues such as investments, assets, property and so on. Children- parents can discuss issues regarding child support, access arrangements among other things.

Key principles of mediation Longwick