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Sam and Tony Family Mediation Scenario

Deciding to live separately might be a costly and painful experience of couples. It might be because you surely want to keep the memories and time you spent with your partner for a long period of time. Or maybe, you are just thinking about the loves of your children of you decided to separate your life with your partner.

However, if you are being hurt by your partner not just emotionally but also mentally, the best option that you can do is to give up all of those happy times and memories of you with your partner. There are some couples that will prefer to file a lawsuit to the court, while some will prefer to hire a family mediator. Family mediation is considered as a helpful and unique alternative solution to your problem rather than filing a case against your partner. Aside from it will make your problem solution be processed in the shorter term, it will also help both of the party to save lots of their invested money.

Sam and Tony decided to file their case to the court, but both of them considered family mediation as their alternative solution.

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helps couples work out their problems

The Problem

Two years had passed, Tony and Sam decided to live their lives separately. Sam was having some concerns about the visitation of their child at home owned by Tony because it is being shared by him with three other men. They don’t have the time to talk with each other all by themselves. As an outcome of this, the expected peaceful talk turned into a commotion. Then Sam concluded to prevent Tony from visiting his child.

Why Mediation?

Family Mediation will allow both parties to have a neutral place that they can use on talking and expressing their thoughts and opinions with each other.

Trusted family mediation company will give you the well-trained and effective mediator that has the ability to handle their case.

For the past few years of having a conflict with each other, the family mediator Longwick will enable both of the party to talk about their issue. Through this, it will help them to solve their issues and other conflicts. This is just all because of the knowledgeable mediator of the family mediator company.

How Was It Resolved?

At some instances, both of the party thinks that their problem will not be solved anymore. But through the help of the family mediator, their long term conflict has now had an end. Through the whole process of the family mediation, the family mediation company provides Sam and Tony their professional and skilled mediator. Even though Sam and Tony are both aggressive, the skilled mediator decided to learn all their emotions at the very beginning up to the ending. Both of the sides have decided that they will raise the life of their son together again.

How Did It Work?

It is not the best option for you if you will prefer to use court proceedings on solving your family issue. Family mediation is the best option that you can use. At the story of Tony and Sam, the family mediation helped then to prevent court proceedings. The family mediation also helped them to sort all of their previous issues.