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 We assist Asian families all over the UK with family mediation professional services. We comprehend the language, culture difficulties and can help successfully contact us today.

Trusted Family Mediation Longwick

People usually don’t enter into a marriage with an expiry date in mind. It is inevitable that some marriages come to an end without necessarily being the fault of either party to the marriage.

These are just examples of the challenging situations many people find themselves in. If your marriage is on the rocks, Trusted Mediator Longwick will help you resolve your differences skilfully and efficiently.


Family Ties

We understand that the Asian culture places a strong emphasis on family. Divorce in Asian communities was once unheard of; however, in modern Asian marriages, it has become a norm and is no longer a taboo compared to older Asian traditional marriages. This does not change the fact that family values are upheld in Asian society.

Faith & Religion

We also acknowledge the fact that Asians practice different religions ranging from, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Taoism amongst others.

UK Family Law

  The UK family law was made in line with their history and culture, which has its structure in Christianity and might not offer the mode of family disagreement resolution as attended to in Asian religious beliefs and society.


Approaching court to settle family disputes can be a messy and unending battle.

Studies have shown that children to the marriage are usually pawns in this vindictive battle between their parents and it often leads to psychological issues in future, a higher tendency to get divorced, withdrawal issues, rebellion among a host of other issues. It also leads to bitterness between spouses and results in a situation where they can barely stand the sight of each other and even resort to unspeakable lengths to hurt the other person.

This is where Family mediation Longwick comes in. First off, mediation Longwick is one of the types of alternative dispute resolution as opposed to the traditional court system. It is one where “Neutral” “Independent” “Impartial” party facilitates resolution of disputes between conflicting parties. Our trained mediators do not resolve the dispute but help and guide you come to a compromise.

We are party-centric, we focused on your interest, we don’t declare one party the winner and another party the looser, rather, we seek to balance the interest of all parties and create a win-win situation.

Our family mediation team are trained in facilitating peaceful separation between married couples/partners and aiding them to arrive at a compromise as it relates to custody arrangement when there are children to the marriage, finance, among other issues that may arise. Our team is composed of trained professional with expertise on family dispute resolution and with knowledge on the Asian culture.

Our trained team of mediators aid you in communication, encourage understanding and focus on your individual and common interests. Our team also works with the participants to explore options, make decisions and reach their own agreements.

It is not a secret on how the court system can be when it comes to family issues.

The process of going to court can be long and unending without meaningful progress.

It is different from our family mediation team. We care and focus on maintaining cordiality in the family, on balancing the interest of the parties and have a situation where everybody is a winner.

The formalities present in the court does not apply in family mediation; the process is faster and informal.

Mediation of family dispute is more common than you can imagine.

It is common practice that when married couples have issues, they resort to a respected person who can be a friend, religious leader, family, who then attempts to resolve issues.

One downside to this is that confidentiality is not guaranteed; they usually pick sides based on favourites, the party with the most convincing story and who can play the victim card better.

You can explore our website to discover more about how our mediation services can best help you however if you are uncertain please contact among our team of mediators and discuss the matter in more detail and naturally it’s absolutely discreet.

So why should you as an Asian go for family mediation Longwick?


it is completely your choice to refer to family mediation to settle your family dispute. The whole process is voluntary. You get to decide for yourself, and the mediators merely aid you to communicate better and encourage you to focus on your individual and common interest.


you can rest assured that whatever discussion you have is confidential and doesn’t leave the room…literally. Non-Disclosure agreements are signed before the process commences to assure you, and it is the bedrock of the mediation process to uphold the confidentiality of the information shared during the process.


the mediators have no affiliation to any of the party to the dispute, so there are no picking sides, unlike meeting your parents, friends or religious leader to settle your issues, where they may have a favourite or personal interest, the mediators are completely impartial, objective and unbiased. Their main goal is to assist you to come to an agreement that is in your best interest.


One of the core values of the family mediation process is family, sustaining the family. That marriage is over doesn't mean you should become enemies. More so where there are children to the marriage, the effect of a nasty divorce process can have a damning effect on the children to the marriage. Family mediation puts the interest of the family and parties at the centre and aids you communicate effectively and arrive at decisions on your own.


if you have been to a contentious divorce proceeding you can feel the tension in the air, you can smell the angst and bitterness, and there is literally no limit to the private information that is exposed to the public. The foundation of the family mediation process is maintaining a peaceful and calm environment where parties can resolve their issues and come to an agreement.


Unlike the UK court system that is tailored to the culture and history of the British people. Family mediation takes into account the peculiar culture, beliefs, traditions of the Asian culture and if flexible to accommodate and adapt to its peculiarities. It also enforces one of the core values of the Asian culture, which is family. Family mediation aims at preserving the relationship between the parties. That even after dispute is resolved, the parties can remain acquaintances that fulfil their obligations peaceably.


The Older generations of Asians that migrated to the United Kingdom upheld their cultures and value system even if they were far from home.

I doubt it will be any different with this generation of Asians residing in the UK popularly referred to as British Asians. Even though they may have been born and bred up in the UK, the desire to uphold their culture is there.

We design our services recognizing the uniqueness and beauty of the Asian culture and value system, which is one that forms an integral part in the identity of Asians.

Family mediation takes into account the peculiarities and uniqueness of the Asian Culture and modifies its methods to adapt the peculiar beauty of the culture as it assists families in coming to a peaceful resolution of family disputes.
As experienced mediators we understand that you are going through a trying time in your life and are confused about how to go about it and at the same time uphold your culture and values.

We are here for you both and assure you of the confidentiality of the whole process and with the help of our trained mediators, we will help you transition into a different phase of your life seamlessly and peacefully.

You can explore our website to discover more about how our mediation solutions can best assist you but if you are uncertain please contact among our team of mediators and discuss the matter in more information and obviously it’s absolutely confidential.